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The word “Quarry” is an excavation or pit, usually open to the air from which stone, slate, or the like, is obtained by cutting and blasting.

Population is on the increase. Demand for raw materials is on the increase. Demand for housing is on the increase.

The socio-economic needs of society for raw materials, places tremendous pressure on our natural resources. The Earth is rich in soils and sands which are vital elements in construction, but nonetheless should not be taken for granted as an endless supply.

If this continues at such a rate, future generations will be unaware of the original aesthetic landscape that once existed.

Quarries are unseen splendours, invisible to the human eye, compassionate in their practice, and respectful to nature’s herbaceous and wildlife habitats.


The process of extraction alters the landscape temporarily by these boundless craters and then disappears as though swallowed up by the earth’s crust itself, their existence un-noted.


But from their very creation, the beauty of the modern-day ‘Villagescape’ can be seen.

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